" Each investment of each customer on the site is since April 2020 concerning us, a participative investment for Nature, Wildlife, the Blue Planet, and finally the human, and this, up to 1% of our global turnover.

Order after order, you and we will all contribute to a more sustainable, more equitable, more societal economy.

This participatory financial commitment is also yours since following each purchase of a Yogaterrae® item on our site or on one of our partner-distributor sites, you will also be the Referent Ambassador for Protection of the Environment throughout the World.

The causes that are defended by the associations and recipient organizations of the 1% for the Planet network concern the climate, wildlife, the water, food, sp natural aces and pollution.

With its individuals who make up all these approved associations, which are more than 500 in France and more than 3,500 worldwide, the planetary organization 1% for the Planet, created in 2002 in the United States, is accelerating its notoriety and credibility year after year to effectively "connect" all patrons and companies to all those who are project leaders all aiming unanimously to consider the Blue Planet as a common and universal Territory to be protected in an indispensable way for all the new generations to come.

Tim and Lionel, founders of Yogaterrae

If you want more information on the missions of 1% for the Planet, here are the France and international links and

Saint Exupery

" The Earth, we do not inherit it from our parents,

we borrow it from our children "