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Robbie, aka "Robinson Crusoe", it was us... 
Lost in the Indian Ocean, sometimes in Reunion Island, in line with the waves and surfing, sometimes in Mauritius Island, along the small breezes on the lagoons, the head always in the bubbles and feet on the ground, a Woman and a Man made some drawings on T-Shirts, telling the great adventure of a beautiful and young company!
Fans of comics, cinemascopes and the character Corto Maltese by Hugo Pratt, our universe of graphic creations that created our first lines of Beachwear took its roots among the myths of the heroes of the South Seas and the tanned recklessness spirit of the 50's!

Tens of thousands of T-Shirts were soon being sold in France and all over the Indian Ocean. 


28 years have passed. The way we see Life has not changed at all.
Nevertheless, the global environmental context did. That is why, getting to the essentials points seems to be even more the right way to think and act in our everyday life.
In all fields, the simplest things are very often the best.
All that matters is efficiency and comfort, especially for Yoga clothing.
The wish of our store, entirely dedicated for Yoga is to offer you through the seasons, trends, designs, colors and textures, that will hopefully meet all of your expectations for you asanas. If you choose to enjoy timeless & styled Yoga apparel, opt for garments that will always substitute from what is trending at the moment and combine them with flattering colors and styles with all your outfits choices.
Robbie & Sons outfits are timeless and can be worn in different environments where you usually enjoy your Yoga sessions. In 2 years, 5 years, it is most likely that you could still wear a Robbie & Sons Yoga outfit and still be up to date!
This is also the basis of sustainable development.
Faced with complex environmental situations and the disbelief of some about climate change, it is sometimes difficult to send messages regarding the Planet saving.
Buying better is all about buying less too.
Having the habit to shop smartly.
Looking for fashionable and yet aesthetically and technically sustainable Yoga clothes is a new trend. Having the opportunity to show off has become today an essential part of a healthy and engaged lifestyle.
That is why sportswear and in particular Yoga garments, that help us to sweat and meditate are getting more and more popular, as they are intended to be used as often as possible and for any purposes!


Pay attention to your purchase. Once you know the one that attracts you the most, do not wear it unconsciously.
Your Yoga clothes embody you intimately and to the World as well...


Changing your mind for the Planet is an Extraordinary Journey that everyone can undertake, for the future of our children...


we are 5!

Without any doubts the best explanation for the name Robbie & Sons!

We have 3 boys who follow us over time in all our activities...

And let's not forget our 2 faithful companions Stella our cute Jack Russel and Gaspard, the nicest beige and white Australian Shepherd with the most handsome blue eyes in the entire World!



Robbie & Sons :)


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