Detailed presentation of the type of contract that formalizes all our Affiliate programs for 2021 between YOGATERRAE and the Affiliates:


This Affiliate Program will be between Affiliate and Affiliate:

. The Affiliator, ROBINSONNADES / YOGATERRAE / Lionel Pradeau (SIREN 341 213 296, Rcs Toulouse) located Route de Préserville 31450 Odars, owner and manager of the site


. The Affiliate, natural or legal person, mentioned in the registration form for the affiliate program visible on the site, manager of a website, a blog which will offer one or more links to the site by respecting the conditions of the YOGATERRAE affiliate program described below.


The present general conditions, concluded on a non-exclusive basis for an indefinite period, are intended to define the conditions under which ROBINSONNADES is likely to remunerate an Affiliate for bringing prospects and customers to the www.yogaterrae site. com under the conditions defined below. This relational agreement defines the authorization of HTML links between the Affiliate's website and that of the Affiliate.


To become a permanent member of the YOGATERRAE Affiliate Program, the Affiliate must complete the Affiliate Application Form available at The Affiliate reserves the right to accept or reject any application for affiliation without having to justify its decision. The Affiliate reserves the right at any time, without compensation and without having to justify its decision, to suspend or delete the links or even the Affiliate's account if the latter does not comply with the present conditions of the affiliation, the image of the ROBINSONNADES company that manages YOGATERRAE or its business principles.

The Affiliate's site or blog must not contain any illegal, pornographic, racist or defamatory content, and must not violate copyright law by reproducing textual or photographic content that does not belong to it.

On the other hand, the Affiliate will not be able to accept spam. Accordingly, any Affiliate who engages in any spamming activity will be immediately removed from the Affiliate Program; any commission resulting from spamming will not be paid. Once registered and approved by the Affiliate, the Affiliate will be able to access the affiliation platform using a username and password chosen by him alone when applying for affiliation.

In order to facilitate the smooth running of Affiliate-Affiliate relations, ROBINSONNADES undertakes to provide the Affiliate with the means of access to the secure account interface of the affiliated area of ​​www. From this confidential connection between the Affiliate and the Affiliate, the Affiliate will be able to receive its reports describing the calculation of its due commissions. Due to the purely digital nature of the proof of sale depending on a dedicated application, the Parties acknowledge that the Affiliate may not require ROBINSONNADES to provide any other proof of the veracity of the recordings of commercial operations carried out on the site www


Registration for the affiliate program is completely free
A commission will be paid to the Affiliate on each sale of product made on the site by a visitor coming from the Affiliate's site or blog according to the tracked link . Without a tracking link taken into account by the dedicated IT application, it will be impossible for us to pay a commission because the origin of the customer cannot be determined.

The amount of commissions will be 12% on the total amount of the order, all taxes included but excluding delivery costs. This commission rate will be valid throughout the duration of this contract.
For example, if the Affiliate sponsors a customer who spends €120, all taxes included, on the Affiliate's site, including €20 for delivery costs, all taxes included, the Affiliate will be liable for an amount of €12 to the title of the commission on sale excluding delivery costs.

By joining the Affiliate Program, the Affiliate is deemed to have expressly understood and accepted the corresponding commission percentages.
Payment of commissions will be made upon sending by the Affiliate of an invoice issued in accordance with the legal provisions in force, after receipt of the invoicing elements sent by the Affiliate at the end of each month. It should be noted that the Affiliate is not responsible for declaring the income of the Affiliate who must respect the laws in force in his country of residence.

The triggering of the payment of commissions is in no way linked to any minimum amount of turnover to be achieved by the Affiliate. The payment of the Affiliate's commissions will be made on the 15th of each month following the sales of the previous month. However, the Affiliate is fully aware that only referrals older than 15 days and still in good standing will be counted in the payment of the commission. If in the last 15 days prior to any commission being paid, an original purchase is refunded or removed in any way, the Affiliate reserves the right to revoke the Affiliate's commission on that purchase.

The Affiliate's commissions are paid via PayPal or by bank transfer to the RIB issued by him when registering for the affiliate program.


The affiliation contract is concluded on a non-exclusive basis and for an indefinite period. Throughout the period, the Affiliate will make available to the Affiliate all the marketing tools at its disposal such as press articles, photos, editorial texts or other banners so that the Affiliate can organize itself and carry out good communication on Affiliate articles.

This contract cannot be assigned to any third party. Each of the parties can at any time break this contract just by means of an email informing this break; any balance of commissions due in favor of the Affiliate will be finally paid by the Affiliate to the Affiliate. Finally, any Affiliate who does not respect the general conditions of affiliation will in fact lose all right to payment.

Sales and commissions relating to the affiliation contract may only be subject to delivery locations specific to addresses of individuals or yoga studios located exclusively in the following countries such as metropolitan France, Italy , Spain, Germany and Belgium


Affiliate grants Affiliate a temporary, non-exclusive, non-transferable, and revocable right to (1) access the site through HTML links only as provided of this agreement and (2) only in connection with these links, to use logos, labels and images that the Affiliate provides and authorizes for this purpose.

The Affiliate makes no express or implied representations or warranties regarding the service of the site On the other hand, the Affiliate does not mean that the operation of the site will be uninterrupted or error-free, and will not be held liable for the consequences of any interruption or error.

All of the personal data that the Affiliate entrusts to the Affiliate remains confidential and is so for the proper functioning of the affiliate program. As usual, the Affiliate has a right to access, rectify and delete data concerning him.

To this end, he should write to By adhering to the terms of this contract, the Affiliate has duly acknowledged this personal data protection policy and consents to the Affiliator collecting and using this data.


The Affiliate will assume full responsibility for all commercial operations on its site and thus releases the Affiliate from any liability in the event of a claim by a customer following the purchase of an item on the site
The Affiliate reserves the right to modify, at any time, all or part of the special conditions of this agreement. He will inform the Affiliate of this change by simple email.

The Affiliate and the Affiliate may not claim any kind of exclusivity as to the nature of the service offered.

Do not hesitate to contact us. If you are interested in an affiliate program with us, we are always happy to expand our team. Keep us informed via our page Contact!