This e-book will be beautifully illustrated with a number of original designs exclusive to www.yogaterrae.com, all made by Tim, designer and one of YOGATERRAE's creative associates.

On each of these pages, you will have the possibility to see simply and graphically an essential asana (Yoga posture) as well as its main characteristics that can revitalize towards the essence of well-being.

You will be able to follow step by step the way to perform this asana so that, as you experience it, you can feel, understand and assimilate the benefits that the practice of Yoga can bring to you. improving your flexibility, body balance, breathing, mind and awareness.

This e-book will be available as a downloadable PDF.

For any commercial use of Tim's Yogaterrae® drawings, you are asked to inquire about intellectual property rights with Studio Yogaterrae via our contact page. or our email contact@yogaterrae.com for any authorization.

Healthy Mind, Healthy Life, Namaste