To all the young (or less young:) French start-ups who get involved with us.

The new look of the yogaterrae.com site has been created to generously welcome all the most beautiful French startups who wish to embellish a better World, by working on the highest levels of detail and creative expression that we will reveal to you throughout the year, through their label, their creator, their creator, their objects.

We are going to push all the limits to offer you all objects, more vibrant than usual, all made with respect for people and biodiversity so that you can choose and enjoy yourself in complete peace of mind!

Here is a good example of this entrepreneurial spirit, the very first French Startup of this beginning of the year 2023 which joined us...


Creator of Natoè, Chloé is a young woman firmly rooted in her time. Drawing on her professional experience in major French perfume houses, she has made her father's entrepreneurial values ​​her own and her mother's artistic qualities as well as her passion for beautiful perfumes.

This tireless globetrotter, constantly amazed by the scents and changing landscapes she discovers during her travels, in love with beautiful objects, has drawn her sources of inspiration there and has made Natoè the showcase of her passions. Thus was born Natoè, an innovative concept that promotes both authenticity, French manufacturing, and an eco-responsible and sustainable commitment.

  • Scented mist in "natural" colored wooden cap

    "Tropical paradise lost in the middle of turquoise waters"

    White sand, warm and crystalline sea.

    Dazzling Maori basking in the scorching rays of the sun.

    Wander in this intensely fragrant and gourmet exotic nature, Where the fruit passion and hibiscus exult.

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  • Scented candle in "natural" color wood

    "Purity and lightness of a caressing cloud"

    In an immaculate field of pearly white, flirt with notes of rice powder, teasing musk and delicate cotton flowers.

    Perfect harmony for an enveloping cocooning moment...

    Inhale like this to a sweet reverie.

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  • Interior diffuser in wood & glass + rattan rods

    "Insolent signature in the light of a dawning twilight"

    Like the evanescent mists of mythical smokehouses of the Orient,

    The trail of patchouli is as intriguing as it is inspiring.

    Punculate your daily life with this audacious chypre.

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