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~ The "Bohemian" Beaded Bracelet ! It's never too late to be in love with your favorite bracelet for SPRING & SUMMER!

A perfect ethnic-chic accessory, resulting from various artisanal inspirations. This sublime bohemian bracelet is the assembly of a string of semi-precious stones pearls and two pendants, a light pompon vintage fringe and an elegant reproduction of a Khamsa or Hamsa (hand of Fatma).
Representing the soul or being, it is present in Indian culture and in Southeast Asia as a symbol and decorative element.
A large number of folkloric or literary works have been devoted to Hamsa, which has a distinct mythology. In Vedic times, he was considered in relation to the solar god Surya. He symbolized strength and virility. With the appearance and consolidation of the Upanishads, the hamsa acquired other attributes, becoming in particular a symbol of purity, detachment, divine knowledge, cosmic breath (prana) and supreme spiritual fulfillment.

Each bracelet is handcrafted for the highest quality, crafted from eco-friendly material and expert finishing techniques.

Material: Semi-Precious Stones (Jasper & Pyrite)
Associates: Zinc alloy
Pattern: Khamsa / Hamsa
ITEM: BEA-00042


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The creations presented by ROBBIE & SONS are manufactured with the utmost care. To preserve the beauty of your bracelets over time, we recommend that you make sure that they do not come in contact with perfumes, soaps, chemicals or cosmetics, as this could alter the color and the natural appearance of the materials. It is recommended to wait for the complete drying of your perfumes and cosmetics before wearing your jewelry. We recommend that you clean them with a soft, dry cloth.

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